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First Three Weeks

What a busy first three weeks we have had in Class F. We have all settled in to our routines and are busy working our way through our topic of Australia.

In English lessons we have been researching different Australian cities and are busy writing our own tour guides for these. Once they are finished we will type them up and hopefully they will resemble real leaflets! We are ploughing on with our grammar and punctuation work – ask your child to explain to you what a complex or compound sentence is or what the past, present, future, least perfect and past progressive tenses mean!

In maths we have already explored place value for numbers to 10,000,000 as well as round these numbers and last week we added and subtracted them. We have looked at the different mental and written methods to do this and are about to look at problem solving using all of these skills.

In our geography topic we have used maps and atlases to look at where Australia is located as well as produce fact sheets for the major towns and cities and informational posters for the different landmarks of Oz. Come in to class and have a look at our Australian displays to see these great pieces of work!

In science last week we began to look at how plants and animals have adapted to life in different habitats. The children produced a climate map of Australia and we discussed the difference in temperature and rainfall of these different areas. The discussion about the animals and plants of the Outback was so interesting but we all found the adaptations of the water-holding frog rather off putting!

Don’t forget that guided reading homework should be done every week and the quality of this work should be of a high standard. I use our reading sessions and the homework produced to assess your child’s reading. Please work with your child to help them develop their comprehension skills through these targeted tasks. If you are unsure then please come and see me or send an email.

PE and swimming takes place on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Please make sure your child has a PE kit in school at all times.

Many people have talked to me about the spelling tests. Yes, the words are difficult this year and this reflects the changes in the curriculum for year 6. If your child is struggling with spelling then be assured that we have already started some spelling interventions for those children who need it. Please continue to help your child with their spelling lists every week.

Look out for the next post in a few weeks time!

Mrs Mills

Weekly Update – October 2016 Week 2

Thank you to parents who helped on this mornings welly walk. I always love seeing the children enthralled by shiny brown conkers! Back at school we started using them for counting work.

As today was our first Good Book assembly I thought I would explain that we have a policy of not letting parents know beforehand if their child is to get a certificate. There are several reasons for this, firstly, we choose children on Friday lunchtimes and sometimes its for something that has just occurred or has been accomplished over a whole week. We also value  parents attending assembly to share in everyone’s success. Of course, as many of you saw, we also celebrate out of school achievements so please send in certificates for this. Please remember that it takes many weeks for every child to receive a turn for a special achievement and rest assured I do monitor who has been chosen and when.

I will be making an effort to attend the Friends and Family AGM on Thursday evening and I really hope that some of you will too. I know the thought of a ‘committee’ is enough to put many people off but this meeting is NOT about forcing people to join something which commits them for ever more!  Just turn up to show your support for the wonderful job our  Friends and Family do, meet other new parents and find out a little more about the life of your child’s school.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Kimber