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Welcome to Year 1

Year 1 – The Year of Curiosity

In year 1 we aim to facilitate a really smooth transition from the early years. Although the children are ready for a new and more formal curriculum, we are always sensitive to the individual needs of every child and make sure that the new challenges are presented in a way that is engaging and manageable.

At six, your child is entering a phase of relatively stable progress compared with the leaps and bounds of the early years. We support the continual acquisition of new abilities which gradually builds the skills that will eventually be needed in adulthood.  For children of this age friendships start to gain importance and although year one children still like to play alone they increasingly socialise and interact with their peers in pretend play and games that involve cooperation with rules that need to be followed. This is the ideal age to start to build on our Colyton core skill of collaboration. At six a child can begin to see things from another person’s point of view and this skill will develop through the year which can be emotional at times.

Curiosity is our class attribute and I’m sure this takes no explaining, the children are so naturally curious and we believe in creating a curriculum which is purposeful, personalised and engaging. Therefore we teach the foundation subjects through topic-based learning and link maths and English so the children are fully immersed and engaged.

The Year 1 team are...

Miss Gane
Class Teacher
Mrs Woodward
Class TA

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