Class E – Latest News

Update from Class E

It has been a busy couple of weeks in class E. We have completed our end of year assessments which everyone completed and tried their best on all of the tests! There were 6 tests in all.

We visited the Big Bang exhibition at Westpoint. The children really enjoyed visiting stands to show them a range of careers in STEM subjects as well as watching explosions on stage and trying to run faster than Usain Bolt in the speed tunnel. The children came away with lots of freebies and lots of them were inspired by what they saw.

We have moved onto out last topic in maths which is the properties of shape. We have been learning about angles and how to measure them accurately as well as the different types of triangles and how we can tell them apart. We had been drawing triangles on the playground and seeing if we could spot different ones.

In English we are planning our independent write in  similar style to our text Until I met Dudley. We have some wonderful ideas of how things could work e.g. a boat moves because of mechanical legs walking the boat forward. I can wait to read the completed pieces.

17th – 21st June

This week in class E we have been revisiting a lot of grammar terminology and techniques. We have refreshed our understanding of time conjunctions, co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions and expanded noun phrases.

In maths we have completed our statistics unit which the children did really well on. Our next unit is properties of shape.

I was really proud of all of our class who excelled at sports day on Friday. They all tried their best and really pushed themselves.


Have a great weekend.


10th June – 14th June

We have had a busy week in Class E this week.

In Maths we have been looking at a range of graphs and tables. We have looked at answering questions based on bar charts and pictograms. We measured our heart rate to create a line graph which the children enjoyed.

In English we have introduced our new text which is called Until I met Dudley. We have focused on time conjunctions as well as using a range of conjunctions to extend our sentences. Next week we will be looking at ensuring our spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct in a piece of text.

We have been introduced to the Romans this week and focused on the growth of the Roman empire and the demise of the Celts.

Have a lovely weekend!


4th June – 7th June

I hope you all had a lovely half term!

This week we have got straight back into our learning and carried on looking at time. We have looked at the differences between 12 and 24 hour clocks as well as answering time questions. Next week we are starting our new maths topic which is statistics.

In English we focused on Ocean week and create a poem to describe the sea. This was done by throwing words in the air and our poem was created when the words came down. There were some really interesting word combinations! We then turned our poems into wave patterns. We also created some persuasive posters about pollution in the sea.

We focused on Boudicca I topic this week and created a wanted poster as a Roman looking for her.

13-17th May.

This week we have been really busy!

In maths we have completed our end of unit assessment for money which the children did really well on! We have also started our new unit based on Time. We have looked at the relationship between seconds, minutes and hours as well as trying to spot patterns between days, weeks, months and years. Next week, we are looking at the 12 hour and 24 hour clock.

In English we have drafted our own story ending based on a class plan for the beginning. We use mind maps to get our ideas into our books and then drafted our stories. Our aim was to encourage the children to include what we have recapped and practised into their own writing. Next week we will be editing and writing up in neat.

We have made and designed some wonderful shields in Topic this week. We have also designed a round house.

Have a good weekend!


7th – 10th May

We have had a short week this week thanks to the bank holiday!

In Maths we have been focusing on money and how we can use the 4 main operations to solve money problems.  We have been trying to find problems that were solved incorrectly as well as giving reasons why they were solved incorrectly.  Next week we will start our next unit on time.

In English we have been using our senses to describe a setting as well as re-capping on fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases. We have tried to use these writing techniques in a re-write of part of our current story, Leon and the Place Between. Next week we will be drafting and writing our own story trying to include the techniques that have been focused on this week.

We have designed our own Celtic shields in topic this week. Once they are finished we will be displaying some of them in the classroom.

Have a good weekend!