Class G – Latest News

Weekly Round Up July 12th



This week and next week are busy! We are getting ready for our performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Here are the important dates and times. A copy of the programme is in the ‘letters’ section of the website. It has also been sent out via email. On Tuesday, drinks will be available during the interval and there will be hotdogs and drinks available during the interval on Wednesday 17th.


Tuesday 16th July
Start time: 1:30
Interval: 2:15-2:30
Finish: 3:00

Wednesday 17th July
Kids in at 5pm
Start time: 6:00
Interval: 6:45-7:00
Finish: 7:30

Tuesday 23rd July
Leavers’ Assembly


Weekly Round Up July 5th



Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s Weekly Round Up out. Last week was a very busy week. We continued with our Math’s unit on statistics, fitting it in where we could through the week. On Monday, we went up to the Donkey Sanctuary for Life Skills training. The students enjoyed the event, with talks on hygiene, fire safety, first aid, dangerous animals, sea safety and safety online. High spots were definitely watching Charlies Trott and Foxwell getting tangled up in a wind sock, and Meggie and Charlie Allen dressed in RNLI uniforms. Half of the class had a very successful canoe trip. The weather was glorious and much fun was had by all; we did tug of war in the mud, saw lots of barrel jellyfish and floated down the river mouth on our backs. Thursday was the Axe Valley transition and it was lovely to see them all coming back so excited about the coming year. On Friday, we had the French Café in the afternoon. There were some fabulous outfits and some lovely French was spoken.

Monday 8th – Costumes for the play are due. Please send them to school in a clearly labeled (name) bag.
Tuesday 9th – Trip to Colyton Grammar for the Carnegie Book Presentation.
Friday 12th AM – Dress rehearsal
Friday 12th PM – Summer Fair – Come and support the school!


I am looking for volunteers to help with drinks and hotdogs on the evening performance of the show (Wednesday 17th). We need sausages which are cooked which we can just heat in the oven. If you can donate precooked sausages or help with the running of the refreshments, you will definitely have earnt your place in heaven. Please email and let me know if you can be involved with this. Debbie Trott has kindly come forward assist, but we desperately need more help. Thanks!

Tuesday 16th July – Matinee performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at 1:30.
Wednesday 17th July – Evening performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at 6:00.

Weekly Round Up and Preview June 28



This week, we have started a new English poetry sequence based on Lost Words by Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris. The students did a study on something from nature they found beautiful and some lovely art was produced. Our new unit in Maths is on statistics. On Tuesday, we visited The Big Bang Fair; this was a big success and Year 6 really enjoyed the event. It was loud, with explosions, fire and liquid nitrogen, and really brought the science to life. On Wednesday, we had forest school in the morning. We started fires, made s’mores, chatted about the year and read through our scripts. It was lovely. On Friday, Year 6 will be trialing an interactive learning experience which will be taking part across the federation. French has got off to a spectacular start with some cracking French accents.

Next week, is extremely busy.

Monday – Life Skills at the Donkey Sanctuary (packed lunch and uniform please)
Tuesday – Rescheduled Canoe Trip
Wednesday- The school nurse will be in to talk about ‘Growing Up’.
Thursday – Axe Valley Transition Day
Friday – French Café in the afternoon. (Come in a French inspired outfit)

Please can you send me a picture of your child in Reception and in Year 6 for the leavers assembly. You can use your phone to take a photo of an existing photo or scan a copy, whatever is easiest for you. Please send it in by email.

Weekly Round Up and Preview June 21

This week, we have completed our English sequence based on The Harris Burdick Mysteries. The Woodroffe transition day was a great success and the students have come back excited about the move in September. Axe Valley students please look at the ‘Transition’ section for more information on your transition day. We are looking forward to Sports Day tomorrow.

Next week, we will be attending the Big Bang event on Tuesday. We will be starting new units of work in English and Maths. Our focus next week will be French and ordering breakfast. This unit will end with a French Café in the classroom. Students will be asked to dress in French costumes on this day; date to be confirmed!

Weekly Round Up and Preview June 14



This week we have continued to look at our English sequence based on The Harris Burdick Mysteries. We also had a fabulous canoe trip with the second group. The first group’s canoe trip has been rescheduled for the 2nd of July

Next week we will be completing the English unit ready to be moderated on Wednesday. Woodroffe students will be attending the open day on Wednesday the 19th