Class G – Meet the Team

Welcome to Class G

Welcome to Year 6 – The year of Craftsmanship

Year 6 is the final year of primary school. During this year the children become role models for the rest of the children in the school. This role comes with more responsibility and your child will need to be supported with managing this extra pressure without letting it worry them.

Year 6 children build on the independence and maturity developed in Year 5 and really take charge of their on learning journey; becoming partners with their teachers in the direction of their learning.

Year 6 is also the national testing year, as children sit their SATs tests in Reading, Maths, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and Writing. The results from these tests (and teacher assessment in writing) will be published nationally and it will be reported whether each child has met the Year 6 expected standard or not.

This is the year when the children also prepare for transition to secondary school. This brings with it lots of uncertainties and unknowns, which can lead children to feel worried or scared about entering the next chapter of their lives. This is why it is important that the transition process is gradual and done in partnership with the children. We also tell the children that this is why they should enjoy the last year of primary school and make as many memories of this time as they can.

The Year 6 team are...

Mrs Evans
Class Teacher
Mrs Chick
Class TA
Mrs Whitehorn
Music Teacher

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